3 UFO-Themed Attractions to Visit During Your RV Camping Trip to Roswell, NM

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world camping trip? Bring your RV or camper with you to Roswell, New Mexico – the legendary site of a UFO crash in 1947. This city is a great place to relax with the family and explore the world of extraterrestrials. Once you’ve set up base camp at Town & Country RV Park, make plans to check out these three UFO-themed attractions in Roswell.

a UFO flying in the air

International UFO Museum & Research Center: Dive Into Roswell’s Extraterrestrial History

When it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrials, the International UFO Museum & Research Center in the heart of downtown Roswell is the place to be. Since opening to the public in 1992, the museum has educated visitors about “The Roswell Incident” and other unexplained phenomena.

Step inside the International UFO Museum, and you’ll discover a wide range of exhibits that will encourage you to ask questions and wonder what’s real. You can easily spend an hour walking around the museum floor and learning about crop circles, abduction stories, Area 51, regional UFO sightings, and more. Explore all the alien displays and scenes, news articles, artifacts, and even memorabilia from alien-themed movies and TV shows, including the prop alien corpse from the 1994 Showtime movie Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up.

The museum also has a fantastic gift shop with books, keychains, collectibles, glassware, shirts, and other products available for purchase.

The Alien Zone: Bring Your Camera For Some Goofy Photo Ops

If you enjoy taking fun and hilarious photos with the family, then you’ll definitely want to stop by the Alien Zone during your visit. The unique attraction and gift store is just a two-minute walk from the International UFO Museum, and for a small fee, you can enter the photo op area and check out all the staged alien sets.

This is a prime opportunity to insert yourself into silly situations and get some souvenir photos to bring back home and show everyone. Chill out on a couch with a couple aliens, grab a drink from the alien bartender, or get a close look at the machinery and experiments going on. Before you leave, be sure to stop by their shop and browse the selection of Area 51-themed apparel and gifts.

Roswell UFO Spacewalk: Get Transported Onto an Alien Ship

Located just a couple minutes from both the Alien Zone and the International UFO Museum, the Roswell UFO Spacewalk is an amazing blacklight art adventure that begins on board an alien spaceship before you travel through space to a mysterious planet full of creatures.

This is a truly immersive experience with a variety of special effects and animatronics that will make you feel like you’re on a journey. Visitors will be given blasters to carry throughout the attraction, and you’ll have the opportunity to take photos along the way too.

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Roswell is a fun place to learn about and celebrate the idea of alien life-forms, and we welcome you to stay with us at Town & Country RV Park. With 119 pull-through and back-in RV sites to accommodate all sizes, you’re sure to have a memorable time with your family or group.

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