Town & Country RV Park is Located in Roswell NM

Roswell, a city of 50,000, is part of the High Great Plains of southeastern New Mexico.

Roswell has a rich and colorful history. Settled in 1865 by a group of Missouri pioneers, the city was ultimately developed by two businessmen from Nebraska, Van Smith and Aaron Wilburn. (The town takes its name from Smith’s grandfather, Roswell Smith).

Over time, the area became known for cattle ranching, and soon attracted the attention of bandits, including Billy the Kid and his fearsome gang, which terrorized the area for years, until Kid was ultimately gunned down by Roswell resident and lawman, Pat Garrett.

Roswell is also known as the long-time home of the father of the modern rocket, Robert Goddard. Goddard had his first rocket launch in 1926, and launched dozens more over the next 15 years.

Alien Attractions

Of course, Roswell is best known for the mysterious crash of a UFO, in the desert outside town in 1947. The crash site was described by witnesses as being littered with strange debris and bodies. Government military personnel quickly secured the scene and removed all the evidence to an undisclosed location. Since then, the crash-and what many describe as a government coverup, has been the subject of hot debate.

Today, Roswell is home to plenty of interest for UFO-ologists both young and old, including the UFO Museum, the popular UFO festival, the spacewalk and other attractions.

Area Attractions

Roswell’s charm isn’t limited to little green men. Many rave about our many cultural and historical attractions, including the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium, The Walker Aviation Museum as well as the wonderful Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.

A lover of the great outdoors? Come explore the Bitter lake National Wildlife Refuge, or Ruidoso-southeast New Mexico’s charming mountain town, or enjoy a round of golf.

Whatever brings you to the Land of Enchantment, make Town & Country your home base and landing pad!